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Support Legacy SmugMug Customization Customization FAQ List - Start Here!

Need some help with your New SmugMug Site?

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Old Jan-15-2006, 05:26 AM
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Customization FAQ List - Start Here!


MANY Thanks to Anne, for the great job on the new help page

Our Main Customizing Resources:

Tutorials - scroll to bottom: http://dgrin.smugmug.com/gallery/1100284
Custom Header: http://www.smugmug.com/help/create-photo-album2
Basics: http://www.smugmug.com/help/custom-colors2
Customization FAQ: http://www.smugmug.com/help/customize-faq.mg
Advanced FAQ: http://www.dgrin.com/showthread.php?t=26043
Wiki: http://smugmug.jot.com/Customization

  2. How do I make a custom header?
  3. Add one or more custom headers to your site - TUTORIAL
  4. How about a no-banner custom header?
  5. How can I make this header "clickable" back to my site?
  6. Can I have different headers on Main Page and Inside Gallery Pages?
  7. I want to have rotating banner shots on my header - how do I do that?
  9. I'm feeling adventurous - how do I make a navbar on my site?
  10. How to make a a simple navbar - TUTORIAL
  11. How do I make one of those dropdown navbars?
  13. How Do I make a background image appear on my pages?
  14. Can I make that background image appear on my homepage only?
  15. Love the backround image thing - can I make it NOT appear on the image popup?
  16. SEARCH:
  17. How can I put a search box on my site, in the header? Can I change the color of the search results text?
  18. Can I have a /keyword search box on my site?
  20. Can I link my Paypal code for purchases?
  21. Can I embed a Calendar on my SmugMug?
  22. Can I make my own favicon?
  23. Hey, how can I have a description for a category? Is that hackable?
  24. How do I make keyboard shortcuts for gallery page navigation ?
  25. How can I replace the BIG SmugMug Footer with the mini SmugMug Footer?
  27. Can I make my galleries line up 2x2?
  28. Can I make my galleres 4-across?
  29. How can I swap the SmugMug logo with my own - and the link, too?
  30. Can I change the color of the borders around my images?
  31. Can I change that green color?
  32. Can I change the colors of the links in my bio, galleries, categories and more?
  33. Can I change Photo Details, Slideshow duration, filmstrip to not move, kill the image previews andevenkill lightbox?
  34. How can I change the text of the word, Galleries on my homepage?
  35. Can I change text colors?
  36. Can I change the color of my boxes?
  37. Can I change the color of category and gallery titles?
  38. Can I change the cart buttons text?
  39. Can I have my captions above my photos?
  40. Can I have my navigation below my photos?
  41. Can I change the SmugMug logo and it's link on my homepage?
  42. How can I change my page title?
  43. How do I make the SmugMug link in my footer automatically be a referral link?
  44. Can I modify the "X galleries, XXX photos" message in Category Descriptions?
  45. I have SmugMug Pro. How do I make a customized "right-click" warning message?
  46. Can I change the default stars that are used for ratings?
  48. How To Hide The Breadcrumb
  49. How do I remove the galleries/categories from my homepage?
  50. How do I remove the IE Image Toolbar?
  51. How can I remove "map this" from my site?
  52. Can I remove MyName's Home from my home page?
  53. How can I remove the words "Gallery Categories" from my homepage?
  54. How do I remove the "feeds" buttons on my pages?
  55. Can I remove the cart buttons in my /popular gallery?
  56. Can I remove those dashed lines, too?
  57. Can I get rid of the dashed lines on my homepage, too?
  58. I don't want the big slideshow - can the button be removed?
  59. Can I remove "filename" from appearing underneath my photos in a single gallery?
  60. I want to remove "filename" from appearing in all my galleries - how do I do this?
  61. Can I remove those pesky pipes from the mini-footer and feeds footer?
  62. Can I remove the RSS and ATOM Feeds Link?
  63. Can I have a mini-mini SmugMug Footer - no shopping cart, no login link?
  64. Can I remove my keywords from showing up under my photos?
  65. Can I kill the page navigation for certain galleries?
  66. How can I hide category titles of public galleries on my homepage?
  67. I want to remove the mouseover text on thumbs and pics, can I do that?
  68. I want my descriptions to show in category view, but NOT the date/time updated - can I do this?
  69. Hey, can I remove some keywords from the keywordbox on my homepage?
  71. Can I make a guest book, or simple ONE PAGE gallery?
  72. I want to change "gallery comments" to "guestbook comments" in a gallery - can do?
  73. EMAIL:
  74. How can I add a clickable email link on my page, or in my bio, or in a caption?
  75. Are there any advanced email link tricks I can implement?
  76. How do I get one of those floaty-thingies when you hover over "email me" (nice title)?
  77. Can I put my email address, securely, on my site?
  78. BIOBOX:
  79. How can I make the text in my userbio be squared up?
  80. I just want to make my bio text bold - how do I do that?
  81. Can I put a custom image in my Bio Box?
  83. How can I force the duration of slideshow transitions? On a Per Gallery Basis, too?
  84. I want to force a gallery to slideshow, and eliminate the toolbar - Can do?
  85. Can I remove the option for full screen slide show even in the regular slide show?
  86. How can I change the direction of the filmstrip?
  87. I use journal style alot, and I want the caption text that appears on mouseover to go away AND don't allowclicking of the pic - can I do that?
  88. Can I force a viewing style via a URL so that the viewer starts with a certain style?
  89. HEY! i want to turn the the captions for the full screen slideshow on by default, but I can't find how? what gives?
  91. I want a Banner, a Navbar, a slideshow, no galleries on my homepage, and a separate galleries page, can do? - TUTORIAL
  92. How do I make a HTML only page in SmugMug?
  93. Is there a hack for bulk zoom thumbnails?
  94. I have long gallery descriptions that are truncated in category view, can I make this look prettier?
  95. I have the same description in many galleries. Is there an easy way to update them all at once?
  96. I've seen some folks with "vanity urls" on their SmugMug site - how do I do that?
  97. How can I make a featured gallery out of keyworded photos?
  98. Can I make an automatic "recent photos gallery" with SmugMug's Timeline feature?
  99. I want to link my homepage galleries, or categories, but hide them, too - can do?
  100. How can I add Statcounter or Google Analytics to my site?
  101. Can I use CSS to remove Gallery Comment ability but KEEP Image comments?
  102. My customization shows in some galleries, but not others. What gives?
  103. Automagic nickname.smugmug --> custom domain swapper
  104. Add photo tools to all thumbs, traditional and journal styles
  106. Where is "Customizing for Dummies?
  107. I'm making themes for SmugMug, is there a good reference for that?
  108. Hey, where's Version 1 of this Customization FAQ?
  109. Where do I get Firefox and the Firefox Web Developer Toolbar?
  110. Firefox Web Developer toolbar - TUTORIAL
  111. What's the best way to test my code changes?

Last edited by Mike Lane; Jun-19-2006 at 07:29 PM.
Old Jan-15-2006, 02:27 PM
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Hey, if you have topics/questions/ and can supply an answer with a link, pm it to me and I'll add it here
Old Dec-21-2006, 08:01 PM
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Bump for the new version
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