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Support Legacy SmugMug Customization Firefox problem with recent photos

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Old Jan-29-2012, 01:19 PM
pgman is offline pgman OP
Major grins
Firefox problem with recent photos

I have http://photos.foto-biz.com . I use Firefox 9.0.1. I can't click on the recent photos in Firefox. The mouse pointer converts to a hand (link), but pressing does nothing. The only add-on is tab-mix-plus for multiple tabs.

* It works when I use Google Chrome from the 12.x to 16.x (current).
* It works when I use: IE8.

So I must be doing something wrong with my FF configuration. Any idea as to what to look for?

The Dogs of Vancouver, BC
Old Jan-29-2012, 01:21 PM
Andy is offline Andy
Andy's Avatar
Something in your customizing (what, I don't know) as when I remove your CSS using Firefox WebDev tool, I can click on the photos fine.

EDIT: It's something in here
.recentPhotoForceLarge {
float:none !important;
margin:8px 9px 6px 9px !important;
display:inline-block !important;
display:-moz-inline-stack !important;
*display:inline !important; /* IE */
vertical-align:bottom; /* safari: for overlap */
cursor:pointer; /* gecko: due to -moz-inline-stack on anchor */
zoom:1; /* IE: kill space between horizontal tabs */
#recentPhotosBox .boxBottom { height:350px; overflow:hidden; }

which is why this post got moved to SmugMug Customization from SmugMug Support forum
Old Jan-29-2012, 05:17 PM
thenickdude is offline thenickdude
Software developer
thenickdude's Avatar
Change the .recentPhotoForceLarge section to this:

.recentPhotoForceLarge {
	float:none !important;
	margin:8px 9px 6px 9px !important;
	display:inline-block !important;
	*display:inline !important; /* IE */
	vertical-align:bottom; /* safari: for overlap */
	zoom:1; /* IE: kill space between horizontal tabs */
This will drop support for extremely old versions of Firefox (I believe Firefox 2 and older), but fixes the problem on new versions of Firefox.
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