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Old Mar-05-2013, 06:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Glort View Post
What were you meaning by 11 paper? A4? 11inch?

For an event that size you should have more than enough time to shoot the full length and Closer up shots. Normally I get 30 min to shoot people as they arrive and that is for generally around 500 people. Did 700 a few months back and that was no problem although you do have to move fast. An assistant telling the people what to do and making a game of them getting in and out quick speeds things along nicely.

If you are doing say 200 People that's 100 Couples. Easy to just pose them together for a full length then tell them to put their heads together for the close up. Pick a pose where they don't actually have to move, just lean in closer. And that small thing of bringing the heads in really changes the shot and adds the emotional factor which tugs at the woman's heart strings particularly, whom then in turn tugs on the Husbands Wallet.

If you have time or things are slow, go for the 3rd pose. You can make up some in higher sales to fewer people if you can just do volume outright. Try and pick your targets, I even ask them if they would like another pose to test if they are interested in the pics or not. Sometimes you can see people are enthusiastic and that's when you do the extra pose straight off.

For the additional pose, Maybe just turn the woman with her back to the gentleman and have them cuddle up together. Another good one is to shoot the guy on his own. The women will have lots of pics of themselves or they don't like getting them done but they will always get pics of the guy who also doesn't like having his pic taken but the women will push them into it given the opportunity.

Be a little careful of the after dinner groups if you are going to stay set up for them.
You'll find there will be a few people that want to be in 20 shots ( and usually have had about the same amount of drinks) but will maybe buy 2 or end up in the foyer passed out on a couch after having a drive of the Porcelain bus and wont buy anything.

What I tried successfully at the last event was getting payment up front. When I took the pick I asked how many copies of that shot did they want and ( Jovially) who's credit card it was going on?

Most of the time we did get the number of prints and the payment. I then got my wife who was doing the sales to ask if they would like us to bring them to their table or did they want to leave them with us for safe keeping till the end of the night? We also got a name and number so if they were left we could leave them with the organiser for delivery.

Normally we sell on spec and don't bother with payment at the time of taking the pics but if you were doing a smaller event where time wasn't so tight and have the assistants, nothing better than getting the money there and then before they spend it all on other things particularly if it's a charity auction thing.

I think that's what I'l be pushing for where time provides in the future.

That "11" was a typo... meant to say 5x7... thanks for the other ideas... I'm anticipating between 125-200 couples... Neat thing is it's being held on a military air base so there shouldn't be much unruliness to deal with!!!

Images of Him Photography | visit my oft-ignored blog
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