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Gear Flea Market House of Canon FS: Canon 1d Mkiii with AF fix ($1600), 1d iii, 1d3

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Old Apr-09-2012, 12:14 PM
AlbinoBlacMan is offline AlbinoBlacMan OP
Beginner grinner
Canon 1d Mkiii with AF fix ($1600), 1d iii, 1d3
1D mkiii with AF fix

Purchased this camera locally. Went to check it out, heard the machine gun shutter and was sold on it. Thought it would be great for shooting my sonís soccer and my sisterís track. However when I got home I realized that the glass for those kind of events was going to be too expensive for me. Iím trying to budget for an upcoming trip as it is, so the camera is going back onto the market.

My loss is your gain, Iíll let the camera go for $1600 shipped and paypalíd within Canada and the USA. If youíre willing to pay in Canadian dollars, live in Canada or ask me really nicely I might be able to shave a little off of that. If you're interested all please contact. This camera just feels so good in your hands that I'm worried that I won't be able to let it go if I fondle it too much

AF was tested at the time of purchase and worked well. I also contacted Canon Canada and they confirmed the AF upgrade has been done.

Overall camera seems to be in good condition, no major marks or anything. Display looks like its been used. Tripod mount shows that its been used.

Comes with the Body, 1 Battery (Canon), Charger and Cap as seen in the pictures.
I have 2 positive feedback on FredMiranada, 4 on fourthirdsphoto, 2 on getdpi (all under the name Albino_BlacMan) and 17 on ebay as ctp046.

Old Apr-18-2012, 09:42 AM
AlbinoBlacMan is offline AlbinoBlacMan OP
Beginner grinner
Will also accept $1100 + $500 worth of 4/3 gear
Old Apr-29-2012, 03:26 PM
dunner is offline dunner
Big grins
PM sent.
Peterborough, Ontario

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