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Old Apr-28-2012, 02:29 PM
NorthernBuck is offline NorthernBuck OP
Big grins
Customizable text for downloadable zip files
I sent an email to the support hero's but thought it better to post it here for others who may have input. Sorry to hit you from two sides. The email was as follows:

I have an event photography business and often times will offer the customer digital files for purchase. After they are purchased I upload each order to a gallery and click on "Download All'. Then I customize the email that is sent from you and forward it on to the end customer. A suggestion that I would like to make first because it seems like it should be a pretty easy and common sense change would be to include a link to the gallery for the zip file I am making available for download. The second thing I would like you to consider is to let me customize the text on the email you send to me with the link so that I can just hit "Forward" and send it on to the customer. I've copied an email I sent to a customer who ordered digital files to give you an example of what I would like the "Text Preset" to look like. Now imagine having to change 150 emails to look like this. This change would cut a large amount of time out my workflow.


Great news! Your digital files are ready and waiting. Click on this link to get your zip file: http://www.blahblahlinklink/zipfile(26.10 MB)

A link to your Gallery: http://www.linkylinklink.com/gallery

Download your zip files or share the links any time in the next two weeks, but after 03:11 PM PDT on May 12th, 2012 I'll need to go back to the gallery and generate a new request.

Need help? Don't hesitate to call or write.

Enjoy your downloads,

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Old Apr-29-2012, 02:02 AM
rainforest1155 is offline rainforest1155
SmugMug Support Hero
rainforest1155's Avatar
Sounds like a great suggestion for the SmugMug feedback page. Would you mind adding it there?
SmugMug Support Hero

look on the bright side
Old Apr-29-2012, 08:00 AM
NorthernBuck is offline NorthernBuck OP
Big grins
Originally Posted by rainforest1155 View Post
Sounds like a great suggestion for the SmugMug feedback page. Would you mind adding it there?

If that page worked the way it should we would have had more levels than 3 about 6 months ago.
Old May-01-2012, 04:20 AM
Andy is offline Andy
Andy's Avatar
Originally Posted by NorthernBuck View Post
If that page worked the way it should we would have had more levels than 3 about 6 months ago.
It's ONE of the methods we use to get input from customers. Others include Tradeshows, SMUGs meetings, personal visits, phone calls, industry meetings, and our help desk. 'Buck, take a look at all the 'completed' items on our feedback page and you'll see that we very much do listen, and have for 10 years now, to our customers

More levels are coming - you'll be pleased, promise.
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