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Wide Angle The Big Picture Long Island MacArthur Airport Aviation Photo/Art Show - Call For Entries

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Old Nov-03-2009, 11:41 AM
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Long Island MacArthur Airport Aviation Photo/Art Show - Call For Entries
Aviation art show at Long Island MacArthur Airport this December

In an appeal to all artists across Long Island who have worked in a broad range of mediums to capture the magic of aviation, Long Island MacArthur Airport is hosting an art show between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve that will present aviation themes in photography, watercolors, oils, and sculpture, today announced Islip Town Supervisor Phillip Nolan.

The program will launch with an evening reception (tentatively scheduled for an evening during the second week of December) at the airport followed by a panel of aviation professionals judging the work on display. No registration fees will be asked of the artists and they will have the opportunity to offer their presentations for sale to the public with the proviso that their work must remain on display for the duration of the gallery effort.

“We are enormously excited by this unprecedented effort to showcase Long Island artists who have captured the glory of aviation,” stated Long Island MacArthur Airport Commissioner Teresa Rizzuto. “Tens of thousands of people will have the opportunity to see their work as we present their art during some of the busiest weeks of air travel.”

Among those who are being asked to judge the work of local aviation artists is Andrew Parton, executive director of the Cradle of Aviation, Jim Vocell, vice president of operations at the American Airpower Museum, William McShane of the Long Island Business Aviation Association, Shelley Larose-Arken, manager of Republic Airport, Pat McMahon, vice president of Northrop-Grumman, among others.

Supervisor Nolan observed, “We all have long recognized the unique love affair between Long Island and aviation, but, until now, there has never been a formal art show that allowed our local artists to celebrate that union. We couldn’t think of a better place than Long Island MacArthur Airport to host an opening night reception and a month long gallery exhibition that allows us to see the world of aviation through the eyes of our local artists.”

Those who wish to be considered for the gallery show should e-mail an image of their proposed work to glewi@rubenstein.com along with their name, U.S. Mail address, daytime contact and a brief description of their work including its dimensions. No more than three pieces will be considered from an individual artist. Long Island MacArthur Airport will request the right to post all images of submitted art work on their web site, www.flylima.com, to create a virtual gallery that celebrates aviation.

“We see this as the start of a wonderful tradition,” continued Islip Town Councilman Christopher D. Bodkin, who is the town board’s liaison with the airport. “Long Island has never left the world of aviation and aerospace and we need to collectively pause and see the wonder of what we have helped accomplish through the eyes of our artists.”
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Old Nov-08-2009, 12:00 PM
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