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Not sure how to do this to my background...

Not sure how to accomplish the following 2 things:

1. I want making a background similar to the one on but not sure how big to make the image. I want to have a VERTICAL line on the left and right hand side similar to Andys - but cant figure out how to make the vertical line stays OUTSIDE of my galleries. Here are two links to reference...

First look at this link, notice the background position and size...

Now look at this link, notice the background position and size gets larger

2. Second thing, I have 2 pictures (one of me, other my wife) that I have carefully cropped that I want to have anchored at the bottom left and bottom right hand corners of my pages...and I want them to be in the same spot even if the page scrolls down. Can someone explain how I can accomplish this? Do I need to embed them into my background image or can they be coded in to sit on top of my background image?

Appreciate any help you can give. Thanks!
Dale Shirley