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I'll buy a Panasonic GH2...
Yes, that's the plan. And here is the reason why this post is in the Action! forum.

I currently own a Canon 60D and I love it - both for shooting video and taking pictures. And when I put the amazing Magic Lantern Firmware hack on it, it got even better:

Four things I love most about the Magic Lantern hack:

1) it adds volume meters to my LCD while I am shooting
2) it gives me a great "always-on" spot-meter in the center of the picture
3) it allows me to put a big "not-recording" sign on my LCD when the camera is not recording (very handy!)
4) it allows me to automatically bring up a magnification window for focussing WHILE recording!

But the list of great features goes on and on (including a built-in intervalometer for taking time-lapse pictures....)

Here's why I want to add a GH2 as a second camera for my video work:

1) There is a great hack for it now too that increases the video resolution dramatically. Philip Bloom did a test: - impressive
2) it has fast autofocus WHILE SHOOTING VIDEO! (that's something all of the other HDSLR's are lacking)
3) it's THE FUTURE: small, mirror-less, interchangeable lenses
4) it has far fewer problems with moiré and anti-aliasing than Canon DSLR's

The downside: most micro 4/3 lenses are not fast (except for the great 20mm pancake lens), and the GH2 is not
the queen of video low light performance.

But in today's world, there's not one camera that is perfect for all occasions. Since the GH2 is quite affordable, why not add it to my arsenal for those occasions when I want a small but flexible camera that has autofocus while shooting high resolution video.

Does anyone have any experience with this camera?

--- Markus ---