View Full Version : FS: Achiever 630-Dedicated AF Flash Unit (For Minolta/Sony)

mr peas
Mar-13-2007, 07:53 AM
Item: Achiever 630-Dedicated AF Flash Unit (For Minolta/Sony)
Condition: Triggers as it is suppose to do, Very Minor to almost no signs of use, the AF beam emitter should work with older Minolta film cameras, but I can't guarantee it with newer digital cameras.
Price: $25 shipped/paypaled (I may consider a trade for also another old Canon flash, but I prefer cash for now though feel free to make an offer on a similar item).
Contact Methods: Email ( joel [at] pnoise.com ) or PM (http://www.dgrin.com/private.php?do=newpm&u=6386)
Comment: I was going to rip open this flash to convert it to a Canon mount to use it as an off camera flash via cord (I find myself wanting to modify perfectly good things to make them work on other things a lot more these days). But I found another Achiever flash to use without having to modify it. Alas, I have an extra one that is unmolested. It triggers fine, I used it on my Minolta Dimage7 and it triggers as it should. However, the dual AF beams did not emit with it attached to the camera. Also I will have to note that this will probably not work in TTL mode unless you use it on an older film Minolta camera; you will have to use it on manual, which shouldnt be a problem if you found yourself interested in buying an older flash anyway.

This flash is perfect for those who know their way around or wanting to know their way around using a flash and camera in full manual mode (thats all I use when I use my flashes, dont own any TTL compatible flashes with my cameras) and not spend a whole lot of cash to do it. If you've been wanting to buy a flash for your new Sony/Minolta camera but not yet willing to fork up hundreds for the more expensive and newer TTL based ones, this is a good candidate to start with.

Help me to help you to help me out! ;D I pack and ship very promptly. Usuall arrival times to people in the west coast, about 1-2 days. I have excellent feedback here and on FM. ;)








(Last image taken with the Dimage7, flash mounted, pointing to the ceiling, flash set to ISO1000, all others taken with Canon)